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Tyreek Hill's Jackson Mahomes Answer Goes Viral: Fans React

Jackson Mahomes and his brother.


NFL players would do a lot of things for a Super Bowl win.

However, one thing Tyreek Hill would not do to win a second championship ring is handcuff himself to the brother of his former quarterback for 24 hours.

Hill was asked by Julia Rose if he would handcuff himself to Jackson Mahomes if it would guarantee him another Super Bowl win.

His response was immediate.

NFL fans aren't surprised.

"Tyreek being relatable," one fan wrote.

"Nope, can’t blame Tyreek at all," one fan added.

"What else did jackson mahomes do apart from tiktoks that made y’all hate him this bad? Lmao," another fan added.

Mahomes and the Chiefs will attempt to get back to a Super Bowl without Hill lined up out wide this season.

Hill, meanwhile, will look to lead the Dolphins to the postseason and beyond.