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Tyrod Taylor Lines Up Behind Wrong Offensive Lineman, Botches Snap

Tyrod Taylor lining up in the shotgun formation against the Rams.


Buffalo Bills quarterback Tyrod Taylor forgot which lineman snaps the ball in Sunday's game against the Rams.

Tyrod Taylor is in his sixth season as an NFL quarterback. Or is he? The Bills quarterback has taken hundreds, no thousands of snaps over his career. So you would think Taylor knows where to lineup to take a snap, right?


Taylor lined up behind left guard Richie Incognito, rather than lining up behind center Eric Wood. The result of the play was a botched snap and an 18-yard loss on the play.

How did Taylor, or one of his teammates not notice he was lined up behind the wrong guy? Running back LeSean McCoy is standing right next to Taylor. How does he not notice? All around bad play for the Bills.

Despite the big loss, the Bills managed to score on the drive, and enter the half with a 16-13 lead over the Los Angeles Rams.

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