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Video: Josh Allen Misses Target During Senior Bowl Practice

Josh Allen throwing a football.

Josh Allen missed the mark.

The 2018 NFL Draft is three months away. However, that hasn't stopped us from drooling over mock drafts and watching tape of our favorite college football players.

Mel Kiper Jr. revealed his first mock draft of the season earlier this week. Four quarterbacks were taken in the first round.

Two of those potential first round picks went toe-to-toe during Senior Bowl practice on Wednesday. Baker Mayfield and Josh Allen featured a group of senior quarterbacks showcasing their skills in front of NFL scouts.

Baker Mayfield seemed to get the better of the action. During a drill on Wednesday afternoon, Mayfield and Allen went back-to-back.

Mayfield went first, drilling his desired target. Allen followed Mayfield up, but couldn't replicate the former's success during the drill.

The drill called for Mayfield and Allen to take a snap, and then drop back. After dropping back both were told to dodge a weave a number of ways before hauling a pass into a net set up in front of them.

Mayfield hit the target perfectly, sending the ball into a pocket in the net. Allen not only missed the target, but missed the net altogether.

Allen struggled with accuracy issues throughout his collegiate career. During his two full season as Wyoming's quarterback, Allen completed just over 56-percent of his passes.

Scouts love Allen's size (6-foot-5), but don't like his accuracy. However, NFL coaches and GM's always think they can develop talent, and Allen has shown a tremendous amount of it.