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Video: Richard Sherman Blows Up About Michael Crabtree In Postgame Interview With Erin Andrews

Richard is angry

You would think that Seahawks corner Richard Sherman would be ecstatic about making the deflection that led to a game-winning interception in the NFC Championship Game against the arch-rival San Francisco 49ers. However, after the game during an on-field interview with Erin Andrews, Sherman exploded, ranting about being the best cornerback in the game, calling Michael Crabtree a "sorry receiver", and generally sounding upset that the Niners would dare throw on him in such a big situation: 

Sherman is no stranger to controversy when it comes to trash-talk, and this is one of the more vitriolic post-game rants that we can remember, especially for a member of the winning team. Bart Scott would be proud.

Sherman will have another chance to back up his "best cornerback in the league" assertions in the Super Bowl, where he will face the Denver Broncos' record-breaking passing attack led by quarterback Peyton Manning.

[Jimmy Traina]