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Video: The Steelers Just Attempted The Worst Onside Kick Ever

Pittsburgh Steelers' kicker Chris Boswell just attempted what could be the worst onside kick ever.

The Steelers found themselves down 21-14 with 48 seconds left to play against the Baltimore Ravens. They, of course, attempted an onside kick to try and get the ball back to keep themselves in the game. Well, kicker Chris Boswell might need a few lessons on how to complete a successful onside kick.

Boswell tried to fake out the Ravens receiving team, but instead made one of the biggest gaffs of the NFL season.

Boswell's error made sure the Steelers would not get another chance to score, leading to another loss to the Ravens. Baltimore won both contests between the rivals last year and has a good shot at going 2-for-2 this year with plays like this.

The Steelers slide to 4-4 on the season with the loss, while the Ravens are also 4-4 and find themselves tied atop the AFC North with Pittsburgh.