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Video: Watch People On Hollywood Boulevard Answer Ridiculous Questions While Lying About Watching The Super Bowl


Super Bowl Sunday is perhaps the best day of the year in sports -- millions and millions of people get together to watch the big game, the commercials, and just enjoy the company of others. Of course, plenty of people don't actually care about the game, or don't watch any of it at all, but that doesn't mean that they won't pretend that they watched it.

Recently, Jimmy Kimmel hit the streets to expose some of these people in another edition of 'Lie Witness News'. A number of people on Hollywood Boulevard were stopped and asked ridiculous questions about the game regarding false events that never occurred (a fifth quarter being added, the Seahawks letting a kid play at the end, etc.) -- of course, they answered as if those things did happen, lying through their teeth:

I guess, as one guy states: "sometimes you just have to fake it to make it." Alright then.

[Devour via Bleacher Report]