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Warren Sapp Responds To Sexual Harassment Allegations: 'I'm Always The Bad Guy'

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Here's what Warren Sapp had to say regarding the recent sexaual harassment claims made against him.

Former NFL defensive lineman Warren Sapp was among the NFL Network employees accused of sexual harassment by Jami Cantor earlier this week, and today in a radio interview, Sapp gave some more details providing his side of the story.

Some of what he says in the interview appear to back up the allegations made by Cantor, a wardrobe stylist at NFL Network. According to USA Today, Cantor's lawsuit alleges that Sapp urinated in front of her and also gave her "sex toys as Christmas gifts three years in a row." Sapp also allegedly showed Cantor pictures of women he had relations with and "openly talked about his sex life" in front of her, per the suit.

“I’m still tying to figure out where’s the sexual harassment?” Sapp told radio host Andy Slater on WINZ-AM, a sports talk station in Miami.

Sapp did not dispute that an incident occurred in the bathroom, but he claims that he was in a hurry to use the bathroom during a commercial break.

“I did walk in the bathroom, but I did not urinate in front of her,” Sapp said.

“I didn’t pee in front of my wife and I was married to her for nine years,” Sapp added. “It’s just not something you (do). What is that about? It’s not cute. It’s not sexual. It’s not something you want to see. Last time I checked, if you ate some asparagus, it might stink."

Cantor claims in the lawsuit she was forced to work in the bathroom at times during her 10 years at NFL Network.

Sapp said that the sex toys were brought in after a "general conversation" between him and several makeup artists. He claims it wasn't "about sex."

“We were sitting there around Christmas time and everybody brought a Christmas gift, a little holiday joy for everybody,” Sapp said. “So, my man had made a little novelty thing that looked like mascara, eyeliner and different things. Little toys for ladies that move around a little bit. I showed them pictures and (the makeup artists) said bring me some, so I brought them some for the makeup ladies.”

Sapp also added it was possible he showed Cantor a picture of a woman he was dating.

“Where is the harassment at?” Sapp said. “I’m the notorious one. I’m always the bad guy. That’s why I’m in here today. Ain’t no #metoo, nothing. No sexual harassment. You are not going to put that on me.”

Sapp, who is no longer employed by NFL Network, was fired in 2015 following an arrest for soliciting a prostitute.

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