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Watch: Ray Lewis Explains That By Taking Two Knees Instead Of One, He Was Not Protesting

Ray Lewis on FOX Sports 1's First Things First.

Lewis had a bizarre explanation for dropping to two knees.

On Sunday, former NFL player Ray Lewis, who has previously been critical of Colin Kaepernick and his decision to kneel during the national anthem to protest police brutality and racial inequality, linked arms with Ravens players and got down on two knees before their game in London.

The act seemed like a strange about-face from his stance of being against kneeling in protest, and this morning on First Things First, he attempted to clear things up by emphasizing that he was in fact NOT protesting, because he was down on two knees, not one. According to Lewis, there's a difference. "When people say I took part in a demonstration—taking part in a demonstration means I would have taken one knee," Lewis says. "I took two knees. One knee is for the team. Two knees is for Jesus." Hmmm. The clip of his explanation is over eight minutes long and is basically nothing but word salad, but it's pretty mesmerizing to listen to him talk nonsense.

Also, here's Lewis on one knee:

Despite Lewis' insistence that he wasn't protesting, some Ravens fans clearly don't believe him.