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Arizona State Player Jordan Clark Shares Racist Incident He And Teammates Experienced Tuesday

A general view of the field taken during the game between the Arizona State Sun Devils and the USC Trojans on October 1, 2005 at Sun Devil Stadium.

TEMPE, AZ - OCTOBER 1: A general view of the field taken during the game between the Arizona State Sun Devils and the USC Trojans on October 1, 2005 at Sun Devil Stadium in Tempe, Arizona. USC won 38-28. (Photo by Stephen Dunn /Getty Images)

As the entire nation grapples with issues of race, a group of Arizona State football players allegedly dealt with a gross example of racism just last night. Jordan Clark, a Sun Devils cornerback and son of former NFL standout Ryan Clark, detailed the incident on his Twitter account.

Clark says that he and a group of his teammates went to the local Whataburger, which is just blocks from Arizona State's campus, for dinner. Because of the ongoing national health crisis, which is particularly bad in the state of Arizona right now, the dining room was closed and food was only available via drive-thru. As a result, the players say they tried to have someone in a car take their money to buy the food.

Clark said that one white woman initially rejected their request, so they moved on to another person who agreed to help them. When they went to wait for the food, however, the first woman pulled up to the pay window, and accused them of harassment, got her meal comped by the restaurant, and then sped away, using the N-word to describe the players multiple times. The Whataburger manager was also deeply unhelpful, Clark said.

"He didn't bat an eye, or think twice about what he had heard," the Sun Devil football player wrote. "He didn't apologize to us for it happening, or show any sympathy at all. He was quick to condemn us, and tell us we were wrong. Quick to threaten us, and say he'd call the police."

Jordan Clark says he shared the story because he wanted to show those that have "decided to remain silent on the topic of racism" that it is unfortunately still a major issue in his community. "This is a problem you have to take a side on. you are either condemning racism, or allowing it to happen." Whataburger has responded to the story, and said that it will investigate the situation.

Hopefully this particular situation is handled, of course, but more broadly, we all work to get our country to a place where something like this doesn't happen.

Update: Whataburger has released a statement about the incident.

Whataburger is appalled by the incident that took place at our Tempe restaurant, where our ASU student customers were victims of horrible racial slurs from a drive-thru customer.

We apologize that these young men experienced this pain and have spoken with – and apologized to – each of them, some of their families, the ASU athletic partnership staff, and others impacted.

We simply will not tolerate racism at our restaurants. Through our own investigation, Whataburger has reviewed the security camera footage. We have been contacted by the families and 100 percent support their desire for justice. We are committed to working with authorities on this matter.

In reviewing the footage, we can also see that the students approached the customer around midnight in our drive thru lane. The students have told Whataburger they asked her to make a food purchase for them because Whataburger’s dining room was closed, and for safety reasons, customers are not allowed to order in the drive-thru unless they are in a vehicle. The customer declined and pulled through to the drive-thru window.

In the video, it’s clear that our employee did not hear the woman’s comments to the students prior to him issuing her a refund for her complaint. She had rolled up her driver’s side window, while our Team Leader was in between orders. The woman then rolled down her passenger window and appeared to comment to the students sitting on a wall across from the drive-thru. However, after the woman drove off and the students expressed their concerns, our Team Leader missed an opportunity to handle the situation with more sensitivity and empathy. The employee has been coached and now understands the importance of listening and responding in a way that our customers feel supported and safe.

We'll have more if anything else comes out about the incident.