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Herm Edwards Can't Believe How Crazy College Football Recruiting Is

Herm Edwards's bizarre Arizona State introductory press conference.

The Herm Edwards hire at Arizona State has seemed questionable from the start, and today's appearance on Golic & Wingo probably doesn't help.

Herm Edwards was hired to take over for Todd Graham at ASU back in December. It was probably the most shocking of the many coaching changes made this year.

Edwards had not been a head coach at any level since 2008, when he was in the NFL. His last college experience was much longer ago.

From 1987-89, Edwards served as defensive backs coach at San Jose State. From 1990-2008, he was in the NFL at various levels, and has been in broadcasting since.

The transition to college head coach hasn't bee super smooth, at least based on what we've seen publicly. Edwards's opening press conference went viral for reasons that Sun Devils fans probably aren't thrilled about.

After being asked a question by Devils Digest, the 247Sports site covering the team, Edwards went on a bit of a rant, asking the reporter if he is Christian and saying "watch out for them Devils." It didn't seem like the former Jets and Chiefs head coach was aware that the team is nicknamed the "Sun Devils."

Now, the realities of recruiting are apparently shocking to the man that hasn't done any recruiting in almost 30 years. Herm Edwards's personality and years at ESPN should give him great potential as a recruiter, but there are legitimate questions about what the 63-year old will want to put up with.

In this morning's Golic & Wingo interview he seemed very surprised by the amount of attention that it requires. Via Football Scoop:

“Where recruiting has gone,” Edwards opens up by explaining. “Mike, this is almost like professional football when it comes to recruiting kids and evaluating these guys. It’s big. We’re already on the 2019 guys,” Edwards shared, followed by his signature chuckle.

“I basically came in here and set up a pro model of how we’re going to go about evaluating players. But the evaluation is the key here in college football. It’s not like in pro football. In pro football, it’s interesting because when you win, you draft last but in college football you recruit. You have to go after guys.”

Edwards seemed very surprised about many parents' level of involvement in the recruiting process. Anyone who follows recruiting even tangentially knows all about this, and the issues that come from it.

“It’s, I’ll tell you what now, you’re not only recruiting kids, sometimes you’re trying to recruit the parent too. That’s what amazing. You have to stay in contact with these kids.”

Edwards could definitely grow into the role. He also appears to have done a decent job building out a staff.

However, college football coaching isn't for everyone, and recruiting is a major reason why. It's hard to imagine someone who hasn't done it before turning in to an ace recruiter overnight, even with Edwards's vivacious personality.

After the hire was made, USA Today's Dan Wolken called the Edwards hire a potential "scandal of financial irresponsibility and corporate coziness" thanks to the coach's prior relationship to Arizona State athletic director Ray Anderson. Anderson was previously Edwards's agent.

We're definitely not there yet. However, with a few bad seasons, this could become a very ugly situation for the higher-ups at ASU.