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Photo: Arizona State Adds Image Of Pat Tillman In Its 'Tunnel'

An amazing tribute.

Pat Tillman has a legacy that extends beyond the football field. From 1994-1997, he was a star linebacker for Arizona State. After three seasons with the Arizona Cardinals, Tillman enlisted in the United States Army, where he was tragically killed by friendly fire in 2004. 

At his alma mater, his legacy has not been forgotten. The school has come up with a new way to make sure he’ll be present every time the Sun Devils take the field. In recent renovations to Sun Devil Stadium, Tillman's image was added to the tunnel from the locker room to the field. As a result, his image will be the last thing that the current Sun Devil football team sees before it takes the field.

It's a very moving tribute to a man who represents so much for so many people.