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Photos: Arizona State's New Copper And 'Anthracite' Uniforms Have The Sun Devils Players Very Excited

Update: Here's another set of pictures, giving a better view of the full uniform:

">August 18, 2014

Earlier:Last year's Arizona State team, which went 10-4 and 8-1 in a very tough Pac-12 conference, was one of the surprises of the 2013 season. This year, the Sun Devils will be rewarded with a flashy new look. The program's new uniform option utilizes two unique colors, copper and anthracite, in a very slick combination.

">August 18, 2014

The uniform also has multiple patches and logos paying homage to former Sun Devil and American hero Pat Tillman. Clearly, the players love them.

Sun Devils Athletics has a bit more on these new uniforms, and their significance:

What’s the significance of copper? Arizona State University, which became the first school in Arizona in 2012 to use its team uniforms to honor the state’s long history as a top copper-producing state, is also the first college football program in the state to incorporate copper into all aspects of the uniform...

“We wanted to pay homage to this great state while keeping the team’s look consistent. We are one of the top few teams in the nation with as many looks and combinations as we have, and this plays an important role in building a national fanbase and molding Arizona State University into a household name.” – Head Football Coach Todd Graham

“As players, we love to look like one of a kind on the field. Uniforms are important because they have a huge impact on recruiting and our fan base, and this new looks is awesome and very unique in a number of ways, especially the gray and copper chrome facemask.” - redshirt senior quarterback Taylor Kelly

It's certainly a different look for ASU, but personally, I think it's a good one. No word yet on when ASU will break these out.