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Arizona Forward Ray Smith Retires From Basketball After Third ACL Injury

Arizona redshirt freshman Ray Smith is calling it a career early.

Arizona redshirt freshman Ray Smith, a 6-foot-8, 220-pound class of 2015 prospect, is officially retiring. Smith, one of the Wildcats' top recruits a year ago, tore his right ACL Tuesday night against the College of Idaho. It's the third time Smith has torn one of his ACLs.

Thursday afternoon, Smith took to Twitter with a statement, informing his fans that he's walking away from basketball for good. It's an incredibly touching post that offers some great perspective:

"Sometimes in life all you can do is the best that you can do. I have worked hard to be able to be an official college basketball player. But as many people know I have been injured for multiple times in a row. This is not a letter to be sorrowful about because when I look at the opportunities basketball has presented to me, I am grateful. I want to thank Coach Miller for believing in me. Coach book for always being that person to uplift my spirits. Coach Rounds for keeping me in check when I needed it. Justin Kokoskie for bringing out the fun in every situation. Matt Miller for having me in the gym and never quitting on me when I wanted to quit on myself. Mike Atkinson for the long hard summer days of workouts and mentorship. Dr. McGee for the amazing procedures he has done! Scott Pensivey for working with me on my first knee reconstruction. Ryan Reynolds for having all of the answers. My teammates over the last two years for all the love and support they have given me. Of course my family for being family. Last but not least The fans of Arizona you guys have made me feel like I'm at home every time I see you. My run in basketball has been great. My father once told me that just because someone is a good basketball player doesn't make them a good person. That the sport doesn't define who we are only what we can do. I love the game of basketball but I have decided to step away from the game for good. I will still be involved with the team and I will still attend THE University of Arizona. Pretty much what I"m saying is thank you BASKETBALL you've been GREAT! But the 6'8'' long athletic wing that can play multiple positions is out *DROPS THE MIC*." -Smith

Here's Smith's tweet:

Smith never made it on the court for the Wildcats, but he seems to be leaving the game in high spirits.