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Arizona's Sean Miller Tells People Saying His Season Was A Failure To "Go Cheer For ASU"

Arizona's men's basketball team's season came to an end Saturday night, when the No. 2-seeded Wildcats fell to No. 1 seed Wisconsin in the West Region final. 

Losing in the Elite Eight has kind of been a tradition for Sean Miller's program; the Wildcats have fallen in that round three times in the past five years. They're yet to reach the Final Four under the 46-year-old coach. 

It would be dumb to say this season was a "failure" for Arizona - the Wildcats were one of the five or six best teams in America this year and lost to a ridiculously good (and very hot-shooting) Wisconsin team - but apparently that's what some fans are saying. 

Miller has a message to those fans: go root for Arizona State. 

Get 'em, Coach Miller.