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Dick Vitale Thinks Sean Miller Should Be Fired 'Immediately'

Dick Vitale didn't waste much time before addressing the Sean Miller story during his broadcast today. He is on the call for Syracuse at Duke.

Vitale is among the more passionate defenders of college basketball out there, who admitted he was "crushed" after the Yahoo report dropped. He is also a big fan of most of the sport's top coaches.

Still, he did not hesitate with harsh criticism of Arizona, after ESPN dropped its bombshell report last night. According to the story, head coach Sean Miller was caught on a federal wiretap discussing a $100,000 payment for star center Deandre Ayton.

Miller will not coach tonight against Oregon. Ayton, however, will play at the Ducks.

Miller won't find a defender in Dick Vitale, at least not today.

Vitale has tweeted repeatedly about Miller and the scandal since the news broke. At first, he was openly questioning whether the Arizona head coach can hold on?

By this afternoon Vitale's tone had shifted. He called for Miller's job a few hours ago. He also thinks Arizona should face a ban from next month's NCAA Tournament.

Vitale didn't keep things to Twitter. Just minutes into tonight's Duke-Syracuse game, the subject came up. He once again argued that Miller should be fired immediately, based on the report. It take a lot for a coach to lose Dickie V from his side, but an FBI wiretap will do it.

It is interesting, given Vitale's previous relationship with this scandal. He has been a fervent defender of fired Louisville coach Rick Pitino, who has been identified as the "Coach-3" in the FBI's initial release.

He also brushed off the issues of the other players identified in the report as having received meals and lesser payments. That's fair, there is a big gap between a $70 lunch and a $100,000 payment. Still, it will be interesting to see if Vitale remains consistent if more comes out about some of the other programs that have more or less skated thus far.

Duke and Syracuse are currently at halftime. We'll see what else Dickie V has to say after the break.