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Photo: ESPNU Does Not Know The Difference Between Arizona And Arizona State

Someone is in trouble.

One of the bigger non-conference matchups this weekend will be played between the Wisconsin Badgers and the Arizona State Sun Devils in Tempe, Arizona. The Sun Devils have been making a big push to generate excitement for the game, even going as far as to release a YouTube promo in which Bucky the Badger gets "stomped" by Sparky the Sun Devil. But apparently their marketing efforts haven't really done much to interest ESPN in the game, even though the network will be broadcasting the affair. Check out the ESPNU set, via H. Jose Bosch:

PAC-12 fans - can I get an "east coast bias" chant? Surely ESPN knows that Arizona isn't playing Wisconsin this weekend, but it's still funny to see the mix up. I can guarantee you nobody is confusing Texas A&M for Texas Tech this weekend ahead of the Aggies' matchup with Alabama.