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The Sons Of 2 NBA Legends Could Both End Up At Arizona

The offspring of two former NBA star big men could both end up in the Pac-12.

Arizona already has a commitment from the son of one of the best big men in the history of the NBA.

Shareef O'Neal, the son of Shaquille O'Neal and a four-star power forward in the 2018 class, pledged to the Wildcats about a month ago.

Sean Miller's program could be getting another one, too.

Bol Bol, the son of legendary 7-foot-7 center Manute Bol and a five-star power forward in the '18 class, is considering Arizona. Shareef O'Neal is working on getting him to pledge to the Wildcats, too.

From Bleacher Report:

B/R: Tell me about playing with Bol Bol. You guys are both in the California high school basketball system, so you see each other a lot. You’re both big guys. You’re both highly touted prospects. You’re both the sons of former NBA big men. What was it like playing with him instead of against him? And do you think there’s a possibility that he could be coming to Arizona too?

SO: We talk through social media and the phone, but once we finally met in person, we just became really good friends. Playing on the same team as him is awesome. He helps a lot with the defense and offense, just with getting him the ball. He gets me the ball a lot. Probably my favorite teammate to play with. As for him going to Arizona, he hasn't really told me about what he's looking for, but I'm always in his ear talking about Arizona. I know they're on him. I put my recruiting hat on and I talk to him about it a lot.

A frontline consisting of Shaq and Manute Bol's sons would be pretty awesome to watch.