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Video: ASU Fans Prank Arizona Students Into Signing Fake Petition To Give School Land Back To Mexico

Arizona students hold up posters for their prank on ASU students.

YouTube/Ben Kaufman

The Territorial Cup between Arizona and Arizona State takes place this weekend, but the Sun Devils have already landed a big win over the Wildcats, at least as far as elaborate pranks are concerned. A group of Arizona State students traveled to Tucson, and convinced Arizona students to sign a petition for a fake proposition that would give the land on which University of Arizona is located back to Mexico, allowing Mexican residents to pay in-state tuition. Not only did between 30 and 40 UA students and faculty members sign the petition, but the school paper was convinced it was a legitimate effort, and wrote a story on the campaign.

Campus Rush found a cached version of the school paper article, which was deleted off of the website after the prank was revealed. Well done, ASU students. This was pretty great.

[Campus Rush]