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Video: Don't Mess With Ex-NBA Star Gilbert Arenas' Netflix, Or He'll Proceed To Destroy His Own Cars

Gilbert Arenas Destroys his Own Car.

Gilbert Arenas Destroys Own Car

Gilbert Arenas has had a tumultuous go of it since injuries derailed his burgeoning NBA career. One of the rockiest aspects of Agent Zero's life has been his relationship with Laura Govan, with whom he has four children. Arenas and the former Basketball Wives star have had their share of custodial and financial battles over the year, and things have gotten ugly at times. 

If this video Arenas posted on his Instagram account is any indication, they have gotten very ugly recently. In this clip, Arenas is shown destroying his own cars with what appear to be bricks or cinder blocks. He justified this action by saying he only did it to prove he would destroy his property before Govan did, in retaliation for her breaking 34 windows in his home and throwing his computer in the pool.

The pool incident is what set Arenas off apparently. As he puts it in the caption of the Instagram post: 

when someone breaks 34's #DOYOUBRODY but when she toss ur #3 monitor computer in the pool,you're like HELL MUTHA FYCKN NAW, I don't remember my #Netflix password it was auto saved,you piece of shyt...#TMZ u take a person #Netflix away,nothing else matters.

Moral of the story: You DO NOT mess with Agent Zero's Netflix.