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Video: Doug McDermott Plays Nick Johnson In Ping Pong At The NBA Rookie Transition Program In Newark

The NBA's star studded rookie class is spending time in Newark for the league's Rookie Transition Program. While some of the activities have probably been pretty sobering, including Antoine Walker telling his storyof losing his $100 million in career earnings, tonight the players got a chance to kick back and have some fun. Houston Rockets guard Troy Daniels has been posting videos on Instagram of the rookies playing various games, including a hard-fought ping pong game between Doug McDermott and Nick Johnson.

Jenga is also involved, and NBA players react to the game just like anyone else—with lots of screaming.

It's good to see everyone having fun, but it would also be cool to see future personal rivalries bred out of board games and ping pong. Hopefully Daniels shares some more videos tonight.