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Cal Players Pay Respects To Ted Agu On Twitter


We've got some terrible news coming out of Berkeley. Friday morning, it was announced that 21-year-old Cal defensive lineman Ted Agu, who has appeared in games for the Golden Bears in each of the past three years, had passed away at a local hospital following a conditioning run. While the school has yet to release any more specific information regarding the tragedy, Agu's coaches and players have been taking to Twitter to pay their respects.

Here's what they're saying:

Rest Easy my good brotha. I appreciated your time hear on this Earth, wish you could've been here longer but God had another plan. I just spoke with you yesterday about this epic spring break we were supposed to have but I guess we'll have to postpone that until the fellas and I see you up there. Im gonna miss you man, heart to heart! This hurt me a lot but until then! RIP In love and memory - Ted Agu #BrotherFromAnother #CalFamily#CondolencesToTheAgus #CalGang#DarkSideOnThree - Khairi Fortt

In my 20 years of life I've lost over 20 of my closest friends. Today I lost another brother, My Teammate, and One of my Inspirations. Ted was one of the reasons why I went hard in the books, he was one of the first people I met when I came to Cal. He showed me how a young African American Athlete could be Successful at the best college. Today he pushed hisself to the limit for his brothers. I mean I just was with my bro yesterday clowning around man. We had a moment together and I didn't know it would be our last. Cherish every moment you have with your love ones. You never know when it's your last day here on earth. My Prayers go out to his family. We all 1. To my brothers,my teammates stay strong. Every time we touch the field it's for our brother Ted Agu RIP cuz. #T.E.D - Jeffrey Coprich