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Cal Unveils New "Secondary" Bear Logo, And It's Pretty Cool

All of these schools are having identity crises.

These days, it seems like every school feels the need to rebrand itself every year. Cal is the latest to join in the trend, unveiling a new "secondary" bear logo to go along with its script "Cal" main graphic. The school released the image today, along with numerous examples of it being used on uniforms.

We first heard about the potential changes back in December, but the school made the official announcement this afternoon. Personally, I like the new logo - it's a little more fierce than I was expecting.

My only criticism would be that it's rather difficult to actually see the bear logo on the football uniforms, but that's what we've got close-ups for, I guess. It can also compete with the extremely ticked off Beaver that fellow Pac-12 member Oregon State released last month.