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Cardinal WR Jeff Trojan Doesn't Forgive Cal For Stealing The Stanford Axe Over 100 Years Ago


Each season, Stanford and Cal play on the gridiron for the Stanford Axe -- a trophy with great significance. While the axe originally began as just a prop for a Stanford pep rally back in 1899, it quickly gained importance when rival Cal stole it following a baseball game. Since that moment, the axe has been been "passed" back and forth numerous times through many schemes and scandals.

Since 1933, the Stanford Axe has gone to the winner of the annual football game between the two schools -- not that that has stopped attempts at stealing it from the current holder.

Today, Stanford WR Jeff Trojan talked about how the Cardinal still want revenge for the initial theft over 100 years ago -- even though they are currently in possession of the trophy: 

This year's Cal-Stanford game will be played in Palo Alto -- you can check out the game on FOX Sports 1 at 4:00 EST on Saturday. For some more background on some of the shenanigans surrounding the Stanford Axe, you can check out the entertaining video below: