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Colorado’s Associate AD Is Now In A Public Spat With Clay Travis

A general view of Colorado's football field during a game.

BOULDER, CO - NOVEMBER 03: A general view of the stadium as the Stanford Cardinal face the Colorado Buffaloes at Folsom Field on November 3, 2012 in Boulder, Colorado. The Cardinal defeated the Buffaloes 48-0. (Photo by Doug Pensinger/Getty Images)

FOX Sports radio host Clay Travis is once again in an online feud, this time with Colorado associate AD David Plati.

Here we go again.

FOX Sports radio host Clay Travis, as is his wont, got on the nerves of someone, and now the two are fighting on Twitter, Facebook, and through email. This time, it's a public showdown between Travis and Colorado Associate AD David Plati.

First, some background:

Yesterday, Colorado head coach Mike MacIntyre was on Travis' radio show, and after a few innocuous questions and a few meaningless answers, Travis asked MacIntyre if he had been contacted about any other coaching jobs. It's a fair question, considering MacIntyre has had an extremely successful season as head coach.

MacIntyre said he had "no comment on any of that." Good answer!

Travis pushed further, "So that means yes?" he asked. Oh boy.

MacIntyre didn't like that, firing back "No, I have no comment. I really didn’t want to get into all this. So, I appreciate it. Thanks a lot man. Talk to you later. Buh-bye."

He then hung up on Travis.

According to Travis, what followed the interview was a nasty email from Plati, including profanities and a vague threat about keeping Pac-12 guests from appearing on the show ever again.

Per Travis on Outkick The Coverage:

Amazingly once MacIntyre hung up on me the SID at Colorado, a goateed bald man named David Plati, lost his mind and sent an expletive-laced email and voicemail to our scheduler, Cindy Katz, who kills it booking guests for us and is great at her job and had nothing to do with my interview questions.

Among other things, Plati said he was going to ensure that no one would ever appear on our show from the Pac-12 again. Which will probably come as a surprise to USC coach Clay Helton since he's on the show with us tomorrow.

But things didn't end there, either. Travis then decided to take the fight from his website and bring it onto the world's stage, Twitter.

Plati apparently took to Facebook to vent his own frustrations:

Plati has yet to respond. This is his last tweet:

The word "professional" is doing A LOT of work in that sentence. Not subtle!

We'll be sure to update you if there are any more developments in the great David Plati - Clay Travis feud of 2016.