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Report: After Last Night's Controversial Call, Colorado Head Coach Tad Boyle Is Calling For No More Replays

Human error should be part of the game?

Scoop: ESPN is reporting that Colorado coach Tad Boyle wants to rid college basketball of video replays after last night's controversial call.

Significance: Video replay is the main way officials try to make the right call after possible mistakes. Without replay, initial human error can potentially make or break the game. But now Boyle is saying that replay is a bad thing in sports.

Story: Colorado lost last night in OT to undefeated Arizona when a controversial call was made after video review of the play. Sabatino Chen's three-point buzzer beater was overturned after officials determined that the ball was "still on [his] fingertips" when the clock expired. Colorado's Tad Boyle is calling for drastic measures as a result of the potentially botched call; he wants college basketball to get rid of replay, saying that initial judgement human error is a part of the game and should be treated as such and not made reviewable.