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Video: Ousted Colorado Coach Jon Embree Upset With Firing, Says He Was Only Judged By The Scoreboard

Yet he remains dignified.

The ousting of former Colorado head coach Jon Embree might be the most emotional firing of the 2012 season. In his press conference, Embree was on the verge of tears and was visibly fighting back the urge to break down and cry. 

It was hard to watch, but the coach maintained an air of dignity as he walks away from his job with the Buffaloes. He had a lot to say to the players he coached in his time at Colorado. Advice like, "Don't let people define you," resounded in his parting statements, but there were also a few controversial comments made.

Yesterday, Embree hinted that African Americans have a tough time getting high-profile jobs. "You know we don't get opportunities. At the end of the day, you get fired and that's it, right, wrong or indifferent [...] We get bad jobs and no time to fix it," he said in reference to African American coaches.

He also said he was judged by the scoreboard and not by the countless efforts he made to improve the football program. You get the impression that he thinks he didn't have enough time to get the positive changes players were making off the field to transfer on-field. 

Whatever the real reason for his firing is, Embree promised his players that he wants to remain an active part of their lives. Let's hope a coach with such dedication can find another place in the NCAA. If you want to see some of the emotional presser, check out the video below.