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Mike Slive Opens "Brag Bag" About SEC Accomplishments, Pac-12 Fires Back


Today kicks off the first of several SEC Media Days, and there will undoubtedly be tons of shots fired across the college football landscape. It didn't take commissioner Mike Slive very long to get the ball rolling.

In his opening address of Media Days, Slive decided to "open his brag bag" and list many recent SEC accomplishments.

While it didn't take long for Slive to attempt to elevate the SEC above the other conferences, it took even less time for the Pac-12 to try to put him in his place:

While the seven straight BCS Championships are obviously impressive for the SEC, the Pac-12 has a point -- when it comes to total national championships, the guys out west reign supreme. That was a pretty well-timed response by the Pac-12 Networks.