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CBS Graphic After Oregon State-Loyola Chicago Game Is Going Viral

Oregon State and Loyola Chicago dancing robots on CBS between NCAA Tournament games.

Twitter/Cork Gaines

CBS has been doubling down on the "Big Dance" motif during this year's NCAA Tournament. Between games, we've been greeted by little dancing robots representing each of the remaining schools. The Sweet 16 got off to a start with yet another big upset today. 12-seed Oregon State, which was nowhere near the NCAA Tournament bubble before its incredible run through the Pac-12 Tournament, picked off yet another talented team. After beating 5-seed Tennessee and 4-seed Oklahoma State in the first weekend, the Beavers ended Loyola Chicago's Cinderella Run.

In 2018, the Ramblers made it all the way to the Final Four before falling to a great Michigan team in the national semifinal. This year, they bowed out to the team on the most improbable run of March.

The Beavers, who had been thriving with extremely hot offensive play, won a slugfest today. After holding Loyola Chicago to just 16 points at halftime, they took home a 65-58 victory.

Between the end of that game and the start of 1 Baylor vs. 5 Villanova, we got quite the moment involving CBS' dancing robots. The Oregon State tapped the Loyola Chicago robot on the back, causing him to fall off of the rafters over the digital studio. It's certainly not what anyone expected to see there.

That was quite the dark turn for the dancing robots, who went viral earlier in the week for their dancing exploits with analysts Seth Davis, Clark Kellogg, and Wally Szczerbiak. Those were brighter times. Happier times.

With the Final Four on the line over the next few days, the dancing robots have given in to bloodlust and resorted to wanton violence.

Baylor and Villanova are tied at 6 early in the first half. Arkansas-Oral Roberts tips off at 7:25 p.m. ET on TBS, followed by 2 Houston vs. 11 Syracuse at 9:55 p.m to wrap up the first day of Sweet 16 action.