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Photo: Oregon State HC Mike Riley Has A Clever Way of Bragging About His Defense

So many dam picks.

College football programs always try to highlight and promote what they do best -- that's the reason we always see schools fighting over titles such as 'Wide Receiver U' or 'Linebacker U.' Showing success, and particularly dominance at a specific position, can really help out a school's recruiting and standing with young players.

Oregon State head coach Mike Riley wanted to acknowledge the great work done by the Oregon State secondary this season. Today, he tweeted out a pretty cool picture referencing "so many dam picks" by the defense:

As a result of the conference-leading 14 interceptions this year, the Beavers are currently 6-2 and well on their way to putting together another strong season. If the Oregon State defense can keep forcing turnovers at such a high rate, the team should finish up well.