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Video: Oregon State Football Players Get Tested On Their World Cup Knowledge

We're right in the middle of the 2014 World Cup, and while soccer fever hasn't caught on in America the way it has in other countries, it has still been a huge success in the states, with viewership numbers higher than any other World Cup. It's been incredibly fun to watch, and as a soccer fan, it's been fun watching more and more Americans learn about the sport and its past.

The people at Oregon State took this as a chance to grill some of their football players on the "other football." After a few players showed off their ability to juggle a soccer ball, they were quizzed on their knowledge of the beautiful game. 

Kudos to offensive lineman Gavin Andrews for guessing that the United States has won the most World Cups. While it's never happened before, maybe this is finally the United States' year where they can get one.