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Arizona's Director Of Player Personnel Is Trolling Oregon Like Crazy On Twitter

Arizona's road victory over Oregon could wind up being one of the most important outcomes of the entire college football season. The Ducks were thought to be one of the country's truly elite teams, and many believed that they had the best chance of representing the Pac-12 in the College Football Playoff later this year. While that's still certainly possible, the Wildcats are doing their best to spread the word that Oregon's "era" is over.

We already showed you the brilliant troll job from Arizona's Twitter account after the win. But Matt Dudek, the Wildcats' Director of Player Personnel, has taken things a bit further. Check out what he's posted since the game ended.

Judging by all of these graphics, it's quite clear that Arizona's staff is tired about hearing how good Oregon is every year. Are the Wildcats now the team to beat out west?