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ESPN's Lee Corso Says Oregon Is His Favorite Location For 'College GameDay'

Lee Corso has been doing ESPN's College GameDay since 1987. Since 1993, the pregame show has broadcasted live from outside the stadium of one of the week's big games. 

So, the 80-year-old college football analyst has seen dozens and dozens of College GameDay atmospheres. 

His favorite? Oregon. 

From 247 Sports

“Eugene, Oregon,” Corso told the hosts of 105.5's The Opening Kickoff last week in Mobile, Alabama. “The reason is, the show is on at 6 o’clock in the morning. That means students are up all night long. They’ve got great enthusiasm and the Duck is my favorite (mascot). That’s my favorite place, for me personally, to see a ballgame.”

The show has been on-site for an Oregon games nine times, most recently in 2014 for the Ducks' home game against Michigan State (a 46-27 win). 

He does look good wearing that Duck mascot head. 

[247 Sports]

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