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Michigan State DC Pat Narduzzi On Oregon: 'They're A Lot Faster Than We Are'

College football coaches often tell fibs when speaking to reporters. They'll say a player is healthier than they actually are, that their team is better than they really are, that they think they match up well with an upcoming opponent. 

Pat Narduzzi is an outlier. He speaks the truth. During a press conference with the East Lansing, Mich. media, the Michigan State defensive coordinator spoke of the speed Oregon--the team the Spartans face Saturday--possesses. 

The Ducks are much speedier than his defense, Narduzzi stated bluntly. 

">September 3, 2014

"They are a lot faster than we are, if you watch the tape," Narduzzi told reporters. "We will have our hands full."

The clashing meeting of two premier teams with such opposing styles is the main reason why Saturday's contest is so anticipated. It is clearly the game of the week. 

Narduzzi doesn't appear to be too anxious, though. 

“It will be fun Saturday afternoon, but I don’t get excited on Wednesdays," Narduzzi said. "Saturday, when the game starts and you’re up in the box and you look out there and go, ‘Hey, this is cool to be here, let’s go' — I don’t have to make any tackles — I’ll be excited then.”

Oregon's scored 62 points and totaled nearly 700 yards of offense in Week 1. Michigan State allowed only 14 points and 244 yards to its season opening opponent, Jacksonville State. 

The Spartans and Ducks are set to kickoff at 6:30 p.m. E.T. 

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