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The Oregon Duck Pokes Fun At Washington State Mascot Butch With An "Oregon Trail" Graphic

The Oregon Duck may be college football's best mascot, and he has an excellent social media presence to boot. Over the summer, The Duck and Goldy Gopher had a ridiculous Twitter conversationthat spanned a few days and plenty of ridiculous pictures and gifs. Now, The Duck is taking some time out of his busy schedule to troll Washington State mascot Butch T. Cougar. Oregon hosts Wazzu this weekend, and is wearing some very interesting Oregon Trail-themed helmets for the game, making this tweet pretty appropriate.

">@ButchTCougar get well soon

— The Oregon Duck (@TheOregonDuck)

.@ButchTCougar get well soon

— The Oregon Duck (@TheOregonDuck) October 5, 2015

">October 5, 2015

Butch is yet to return Twitter fire. He better got on that, or he'll run the risk of becoming the Meek Mill of the Pac-12 mascot world.