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What Pac-12 Coaches Are Saying Anonymously About Oregon

Here’s what the conference’s coaches are saying anonymously about Oregon football.

What do Pac-12 coaches really think about Oregon's football program heading into the 2017 season?

With the cover of anonymity, a few of them spoke to Athlon Sports about the Ducks, and the other 11 Pac-12 programs.

With Willie Taggart taking over the club, breaking a long streak of internal hires for the Ducks, Oregon is one of the more intriguing programs in the country this year. While the Ducks aren't likely to be national title contenders right off the bat, it does seem like the coaches in the panel think they'll start heading back in the right direction.

A few of our favorite quotes from the piece:

“They’re gonna be better than people think."

"Getting Royce Freeman to come back is like signing a five-star recruit. He’s probably got something to prove coming off a somewhat lackluster year, and they’ve still got speed all over the field."

"There may be some bumps in the road on defense because their best players are going to be young guys, but mark my words: (Jim) Leavitt is going to turn that around just like he did at Colorado. Just basic stuff like tackling, filling gaps, where they really struggled last year, he’ll get that straightened out.”

Overall, the coaches are impressed with Oregon's talent, and it doesn't sound like many will be surprised if the Ducks take a large step forward after last year's lackluster season.

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