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Oregon Sanctions Released: No Bowl Ban, Chip Kelly Gets 18-Month Show-Cause Penalty


The NCAA has released its Public Infractions Report for Oregon, and Ducks fans can breathe a sign of relief. The school will not receive a bowl ban, though Chip Kelly will get hit with an 18-month show-cause. Oregon will also lose one "initial" scholarship per year for two years.

The school released the report at 10:30 a.m. this morning:

The report states a list of former Ducks head coach Chip Kelly's violations in regards to the school's relationship with recruiting services:

The former head coach's violations were the result of his failure to monitor: (1) the activities of his football staff related to the recruiting service provider, a representative of the institution's athletics interests, and the recruiting service provider's impermissible involvement with prospective student-athletes; (2) the football program's use of recruiting or scouting services that were not always compliant with NCAA legislation; and (3) the duties and activities of the former assistant director of operations.

The report lists 14 different penalties for Oregon, though many of them aren't very consequential. We've written up a summary for you:

1. Public reprimand.

2. Three years of probation (6/26/2013-6/25/2016).

3. Loss of one "initial" scholarship for each of the next two years.

4. Loss of one "total" scholarship for each of the next three years.

5. Official paid visits per year capped at 37 for three years (Oregon had averaged 41 over the past four years).

6. Permissible number of football evaluation days capped at 36 (of 42) for the fall of 2013, 2014, 2015. Permissible number for the spring capped at 144 (of 168) for same three years.

7. Subscription to recruiting services banned during probation.

8. School must disassociate itself with the recruiting service in question.

9. Former coach Chip Kelly given 18-month show-cause penalty from June 26, 2013 until December 25, 2014.

10. Former assistant director of operations Josh Gibson given a 12-month show-cause penalty from June 26th, 2013 until June 25th, 2014.

11. The school must develop an educational program on NCAA compliance, submit it to the organization, and monitor its progress with the organization.

12. The school must inform all potential recruits of the violations and make the public aware of the infractions found.

13. The penalties are independent of any further action that could be taken by the Committee on Academic Performance.

14. After probation, the school must provide a letter that affirms the school conforms to all requirements.

All in all, it appears Oregon got off pretty easy here. The loss of one scholarship per year for two years isn't overly consequential, nor is the show-cause on former coach Chip Kelly, considering he's now the coach of the Philadelphia Eagles in the NFL.