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Oregon Wideout Josh Huff Goes Off On The NCAA After He Has To Cancel His Party

He's going to cry if he wants to.

Oregon wide receiver Josh Huff, like almost every other college kid, wanted to have a party and charge people cover at the door to pay for the costs of the event. But Huff, unlike most other college kids, isn't allowed to do that. As such, he has cancelled his party and appears to be out $1,500. It also appears he wants everyone to know about what he believes is a ridiculous double standard.

Huff took to Twitter and absolutely went off on the NCAA, which, as we're all aware, has some pretty strict rules about compensation for athletes. While we doubt the NCAA actually got wind of Huff's party (no chance), it's more likely that someone at Oregon informed him of a potential violation, should he go through with it. 

Huff isn't the only college athlete with this opinion - many believe they should be compensated with more than just a free education. There are even some coaches, namely Steve Spurrier, who think college athletes should be paid.

Personally, I just want to know about the party next weekend - it has to be free, right?

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