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Oregon's Offensive Coordinator Pokes Fun At Proposed Rule Changes On Twitter

This won't come as a shock to any college football fans, but Oregon's offensive coordinator, Scott Frost, isn't thrilled with the new rule that's been proposed by the NCAA to slow down some of the hurry-up offenses in the sport. The new rule, for those unaware, would force offenses to wait at least 10 seconds into each play clock before snapping the ball so that defenses have more time to substitute. The theory, while unproven, is that it will help to prevent injuries.

Frost took to Twitter today with a very sarcastic comment - he proposed a new rule for the PGA regarding fan safety.

">February 14, 2014

Oregon has been using the hurry-up offense to its advantage for years now - the Ducks recruit speed and are annually among the most impressive offenses in the country. While Frost's comment is meant to be a joke, it's pretty obvious that he and the rest of the Ducks' coaching staff are very against the proposition.