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Photo: Arizona Brilliantly Trolled Oregon With "Game Over" Duck Hunt Image After Win

For the second straight year, the Arizona Wildcats were able to knock off highly-ranked Oregon. Last year's victory was enough to cost the Ducks a shot at a Pac-12 title. This year's win may wind up doing the same. Either way, it's a huge win for the Wildcats, who are still undefeated, and a crushing loss for an Oregon program that has national championship aspirations.

After the game, Arizona decided to needle Oregon a bit - the Wildcats' Twitter account posted a Photoshopped 'Duck Hunt' photo of their mascot holding two dead ducks with the phrase "Game Over" above. They've also included the score of the contest in the bottom right corner.

">October 3, 2014

Yes, we've seen fans poke fun at Oregon using the classic Nintendo game, but this time it has to hurt more. It might not just be Game Over - it may be Season Over.