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Photo: It Seems Jim Harbaugh Will Wear A Marcus Mariota Jersey At Tomorrow's Honolulu Satellite Camp

Jim Harbaugh Michigan

Jim Harbaugh Michigan

Michigan's satellite camp tour continued today in Los Angeles, and you know what the means. Jim Harbaugh had to show off another jersey ( or in his case shirsey) of a popular local player. Today, he chose Kobe Bryant

Tomorrow, Harbaugh and company will be in Hawaii, at St. Louis High School in Honolulu. Based off this picture he tweeted today, it looks like he'll be wearing a Marcus Mariota Titans jersey for the occasion.

">June 25, 2016

Mariota is a Honolulu native and St. Louis High alum, so the shirt makes perfect sense.

The Honolulu camp is the second-to-last one on Michigan's schedule. The final one will be in American Samoa on June 30.