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Photos: Oregon Unveils Incredible New Football Performance Center


Update: There is now video of the new facility as well -- take a quick tour:

Earlier: Two years ago, the University of Oregon unveiled new football facilities that blew away the rest of the country -- if for whatever reason you haven't seen the tour video, or need a reminder, you can check it out here.

Safe to say, the Ducks probably had enough amenities to last a lifetime, but that didn't stop the university from building a new Football Performance Center that would be equally impressive, costing a mere $68 million. Today, the new center was opened and unveiled, and it will astound you. Below is a photo gallery of the center, via

My favorite things? The kitchen with the phrase "Eat Your Enemies...And The Other Food Groups" is pretty nice, but so is the barber shop right next to the locker room. I'm pretty surprised that the Duck mascot didn't get its own new nest as well. No doubt, the Oregon football facilities are second to none.