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Video: Oregon D-Coordinator Nick Aliotti: "I'll Take The Fifth" When Asked If He Likes Mike Leach

No love lost.

Oregon defensive coordinator Nick Aliotti isn't a shy guy, and he often displays a very colorful personality. Today, he spoke to the media about the Civil War game this upcoming Saturday, and he provided some great entertainment to the reporters on hand.

One of the things he was asked is if he ever gets nostalgic thinking about his time spent at Oregon State. Aliotti said that he doesn't really, because Corvallis wasn't a good fit for he and his wife when they were 23-24 years old, since they were both accustomed to living in a much bigger city. But he made sure to stress that the people in Corvallis were great to him.

Aliotti: So I mean I hope they don't take that negative, because I said it wasn't a good place for us. They were good to us, they were good people. I like Corvallis. I like Mike Riley. I like Rich Rodriguez. I like David Shaw. I like Jerry Allen."

Reporter: How about Mike Leach?

Aliotti: I'll take the fifth. The last time I checked freedom of speech was okay, right? I got fined $5,000 for freedom of speech.

Of course, he was referring to the incident earlier this year when he called out Leach for his "BS strategy" when trying to stuff the stat sheet in a blowout loss to Oregon.

Here's video via KEZI 9 News -- after the Leach comment, Aliotti goes on to talk about how one of his best Civil War memories came in 1994 when Oregon made the Rose Bowl for the first time in years, and how special it was to him. He then jabbed at the media indicating that the Rose Bowl is still very special to him (unlike some of Oregon's players). Overall, he was a hoot today: