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Video: Police Officers At Levi's Stadium Attacked A Fan During The Pac-12 Championship Game

A scary incident occurred during Friday night's Pac-12 Championship Game, as police officers used batons to detain an unarmed fan. According to Deadspin, the video was originally uploaded to Facebook, and the person who uploaded it claimed that the confrontation began when the fan in white walked down the wrong pathway.

The situation then escalated, and the officer on the video apparently brandished his taser. The fan -- who was reportedly unarmed -- is told that he is under arrest, does not cooperate with the police, gets hit with batons, is put in a headlock, tries fighting back and is taken down by several police officers, who apprehend him. Check it out:

Reportedly, these police officers are members of the Santa Clara Police Department. We'll likely never know how this situation escalated to such a point, but just by the looks of this video, this reaction seemed excessive.

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