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Wearing A “Swagga Suit” Might Be The Most Ridiculous Way To Show School Pride Ever

I don't want one.

If this catches on, I'll be convinced that with the right marketing campaign, anything is possible. 

A company named SWAG, which is short for Sweat Washington Athletic Gear, has come up with a "Swagga suit", which basically looks like a giant hooded onesie with a college logo across the chest. Personally, I also think it makes people wearing them look like Teletubbies.

So far, it appears they're only available for four schools - Washington, Washington State, Oregon and Oregon State. Here's a shot from the company's website.

Seattle PI ran a story on the new trend this week, and provided a photo of Golden State Warriors' star Klay Thompson wearing one repping his alma mater, Washington State.

Don't let this happen, America.

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