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Everyone Is Hating On Obnoxious Stanford Fan For Interrupting Christian McCaffrey's TV Interview

Stanford fans interrupts Christian McCaffrey's postgame interview.

Stanford Fan

Stanford throttled Iowa 45-16 to win the Rose Bowl this evening, not surprisingly thanks in large part to the exploits of sophomore running back Christian McCaffrey. The Heisman runner-up became the first player in Rose Bowl history to record over 100 yards rushing and 100 yards receiving, and scored touchdowns as a receiver and punt returner. 

After the game, ESPN tried to interview McCaffrey on the field, despite the best efforts of the gentleman in the background who repeatedly interjected with shouts of "Heisman!", "Better than Barry!" and other inanities. 

">January 2, 2016

The guy was very rude, as you can see, and people were not happy with him. One person in particular who was upset was world famous wrestler Stone Cold Steve Austin.

">January 2, 2016

Bad move, dude. You piss off Stone Cold, you know you messed up big time.