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Ohio State Benefits The Most From Washington's Loss To Stanford

Washington's loss could open the door for the chaos that Ohio State needs down the stretch.

After Ohio State was blown out by Iowa last Saturday, most wrote the Buckeyes off from the College Football Playoff. But Friday night, the Buckeyes were given a bit of life. No. 9 Washington' loss to Stanford - its second loss of the season - likely means that the Pac-12, as a whole, is out of the playoff.

Ohio State's odds, on FiveThirtyEight's playoff predictor model, currently sit at 17%. But if the Buckeyes win out, they jump up to 49% - a lot higher than some people might think.

The Buckeyes will need further chaos to have a shot. Notre Dame will have to be eliminated. The Big 12 champion having two losses would help. Auburn beating Georgia would help.

Ohio State will first need to knock off Michigan State on Saturday and take control of the Big Ten East. It should be an interesting day.