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Ball Family Had Its House Burglarized During LiAngelo And LaMelo's High School Game

The Ball family, which features three basketball superstars and a headline-grabbing father, is one of the main story lines of this hoops season. Unfortunately, the fame also makes them a target.

LiAngelo and LaMelo Ball, the younger brothers of UCLA superstar Lonzo Ball, had a game for Chino Hills High School last night, which was being televised.

TMZ reports that while the family was an hour away at El Camino College for the game, burglars broke into its home and began to round up items to steal. Luckily, it doesn't sound like they managed to make off with anything before police arrived.

TMZ Sports has learned ... neighbors heard a suspicious crash sound at the Ball home around 8 PM and immediately called police.

We're told cops raced to the scene and when they got there, they saw a pile of Ball family belongings in the center of the home ... as if they'd been rounded up.

Our law enforcement sources tell us the operating theory is that due to the quick response of neighbors and cops, the bad guys didn't get the chance to make off with the goods before police arrived ... so they left the loot and bolted.

Of course, most importantly, the Ball family is safe. Hopefully the burglars did not manage to make off with anything.