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Cardale Jones' Advice To Josh Rosen: "Chill Bro, Play School"

Jones' Twitter game is always on point.

Before he led Ohio State to a national championship and was drafted into the NFL. Cardale Jones was infamous for tweeting his disdain for the academic rigors of college.

Jones' "ain't come to play school" tweet in 2012 was met with great ridicule, but he got the last laugh in May when he obtained his degree.

Today, Bleacher Report published a Q&A with UCLA quarterback Josh Rosen. It's very candid, and in it, Rosen expounds on a number of topics, including the difficulties of being a student-athlete. When discussing balancing school and football, Rosen said that the two don't mix, since the demands of being a great player and a great student are often too much to handle.

Jones has some advice for Rosen, however, delivered in a way only he can.

Again, Rosen wasn't devaluing education, merely saying how hard it is to concentrate on academics and football simultaneously.

Still, Jones probably just wanted to make sure the potential top-10 picks knows he needs to continue to buckle down in the classroom.