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LaVar Ball Reveals Which Son Is His "Least Favorite" To Kevin Hart

LaVar Ball and Kevin Hart got into some interesting topics this week.

At this point, basketball fans are well aware that LaVar Ball has three sons - all of whom are basketball stars. But do you know which of the three young men is Ball's least favorite? He actually answered that question this week during a skit with comedian Kevin Hart.

Hart has a new segment called Cold As Balls, in which he interviews celebrities in an ice tub. The first episode featured the aforementioned Ball, and it got weird very quickly. Hart joked that he'd actually requested Lonzo Ball, not his father.

The back-and-forth about Ball's three sons was particularly interesting. Ball said that his middle son, LiAngelo, is his favorite. He seems to have admitted that his youngest song, LaMelo, is his least favorite. We're not sure what that means for Lonzo, who thus far, is the real star of the family. Lonzo was the No. 2 overall pick by the Los Angeles Lakers in last year's NBA Draft.

Hart: As a father with three sons that are all doing the same thing, that all have the same dreams and aspirations, all of them right? One of them boys may not make it.

Ball: All three are going to make it.

Hart: Which one would you pick if you had to pick one?

Ball: I ain't picking none of them.

Hart: Which one do you love the least? I know which one is your least favorite.

Ball: I bet you don't know my least favorite.

Hart: Sh*t.

Ball: I bet you don't know which one it is.

Hart: It's the middle one.

Ball: What? Gelo? Sh*t that's the best one. You see how he built?

Hart: You know why? Because he's built like you. You just told on yourself. The youngest one is your least favorite.

Ball: You know what?

Hart: Ha! He don't like his youngest son!

Ball: My youngest son.

Hart: He don't like his youngest son!

Ball: Yes.

Here's video of the insanity:

Ball is a character, so it's hard to know how much fans are supposed to take from this. But he appears to be one of the few parents on the planet who is even willing to entertain the question.