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UCLA Assistant Softball Coach Gets Booted, Suspended 2 Games For Bumping Umpire

UCLA softball coach argues a call.


UCLA assistant softball coach Lisa Fernandez was ejected and subsequently suspended two games after bumping an umpire.

On Saturday, UCLA assistant coach Lisa Fernandez got into it with the home plate umpire while arguing a call during a matchup with Texas A&M. In the heat of the moment, she bumped the umpire and was subsequently ejected from the game. She's been suspended for two games as a result. Watch it all go down below:

Following the 8-2 victory over the Aggies, UCLA head coach Kelly Inouye-Perez told reporters that Fernandez was upset that an obstruction call wasn't made. While Inouye-Perez made clear that she appreciated Fernandez showing support for the players, she wishes things would've gone better.


"They are doing everything they can to be able to fight to the last page and there's some calls out here that are questionable. But that's the job; it's the game," Inouye-Perez said. "Our goal is to not get caught up in that. And I've got to check myself also. Lisa definitely put herself in a position to always have the players' back but the message is: we've got to understand what's in our control. Those calls are going to be tricky at times and I've got to make sure that we don't let it be the reason that we kind of go overboard."

The Bruins will advance to play Washington on Saturday night.